The Journey

Today we challenged participants from Morriston’s Traumatic Brain Injury Service to develop their own personal photographic voice. Telling stories through pictures is a skill that is vital if you want to tell stories through photography.

The journey through life is a personal one and everyone has something different to say with different reasons for saying it. Any life changing event gives avenues of personal exploration which wouldn’t necessarily have happened if life had continued as normal. The themes participants from the Traumatic Brain Injury Service are now discussing through their photography can be very specific to recovery. Conversely the images created here could be taken by anyone depending on the nature of the story that the photographer wished to convey.

Good photography is always down to the intent and the philosophical rationale of the photographer and these are good photographs. Over the coming weeks we’ll be helping participants write a personal statement explaining this rationale and how their own journey in life is represented and discussed through photography. The conclusion will be an exhibition in the Grand Theatre in Swansea in mid-July. I’m really excited to see how the skill of these natural photographers will develop over the coming four weeks.

Pictures created today are part of a ten week project encouraging participants to discover more about themselves through photography and positive psychology. It is run in conjunction with the Traumatic Brain Injury Service and Dylan Thomas Centre. You can see photographs from previous weeks by clicking here.







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