New Ends

I had a great day at the Creative Bubble today. It was a great chance to meet up with people curious about art and also get stuck into a new piece of artwork for my Automata series.

The event at Creative Bubble was the end of an era in many ways. I’ve been taking part in monthly events there as guest artist for Fifteen Hundred Lives for a good while now and it will feel odd not to be trying out new things with them in the future in this amazing space. Everything comes to an end though and I know the group will go on to do other wonderful things.

Whilst being visited by an almost constant stream of people, curious about my Automata, I managed to discuss ideas on where this series will head and what influences my art. It’s all useful stuff. Often people feel that art is something beyond their reach and uses processes beyond their understanding. I try to break down those barriers by sharing the process and explaining as much as I can to demystify the whole process. I’m not worried or protective about my ideas. Anyone is welcome to try my methods and I welcome any input or suggestions to improve what I’m doing.

So far I’ve been speaking to carpenters, craftspeople, artists, non-artists, and doll collectors under the age of 10 about what dolls mean to them. Today brought long discussions about whether it’s ok to cut up people’s toys, are they just pieces of plastic, is it creepy, and do I worry that people think I want to cut up real people because I’m cutting up dolls?* Explaining my reasons and motives goes some way to helping me order my thoughts so that I can prepare fully for my solo show Methodology which opens next month. More on that soon.

Meanwhile, I need to burn the midnight oil a little and finish prepping this torso ready for working on in the next day or so. I also have three little pieces to complete for the Kunst Altonale in Hamburg. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone here…


*yes if they’ve finished with them, yes, yes, and no I don’t want to cut anyone up thank you.


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