The Uncanny Traveller

I was going to write a blog today about the little artworks I’ve created for this year’s Kunst Altonale in Hamburg. The glue is still drying and two pieces called The Uncanny Traveller are almost ready to be shared with the world.

Whilst I’m waiting on that though I thought I’d give a little nod to another blog which you should give a look at. We artists look at the things other people feel uncomfortable with. We embrace challenge and consider all avenues of creativity in order to explore and promote the things we love. We form dialogues with each other across disciplines in order to support and help each other rather than tear each other apart in a bit for one upmanship. And some of us blog about how and why and what happens to us on those travels.

One such artist is Ben Honebone. I’ve worked with Ben for a long time now to create my own art series Structured ChaosBut there is more to our collaborative approach. He works with me to deliver my photography workshops and is a talented visual artist in his own right but it doesn’t stop there. He is a true multidisciplinarian and as such has been creating videos and music for my Automata series. This is a massive help in promoting this new body of work in the right way to get across the complexities of the art. He understands that little pieces need to be shouted about in a big way to get them to be noticed. He’s due to be filming a new piece for Marionette which we’re hoping to release to you shortly.

The odd thing is that Ben doesn’t always consider himself a visual artist or a film-maker. First and foremost he is a talented musician and his penchant for music making is far stronger than his need to make videos. He has more than 20 year experience in the industry as a singer songwriter*. His movie making  is purely down to the need to promote the musician bit of him and he always does an amazing job at this promotion side of things. His videos for goldbringer and NDH are little masterpieces in music promotion. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out the latest goldbringer video by clicking here.

Hang on, didn’t I mention a blog? Yes, he writes all about his musical travels and artistic musings here. It’s always worth a read to see what he’s up to next. It’s the ultimate crossover blog between music, words, pictures, and ideas. I’m off there now to read his latest installment. By then my glue should have dried and I can crack on with my own uncanny travels.

*There’s more than just singing and songwriting here. There’s guitars and some keyboards and samples and a whole heap of other musician type stuff. He’s probably got Grade 8 in the castanets or something. It wouldn’t surprise me.


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