Hamburg Altonale 2016

I’ve been asked to produce two little pieces for this year’s Kunst Altonale in Hamburg. By little, I mean seriously small, even by my standards. Each piece is a maximum 9cm long. The exhibition is called The Vending Machine and it’s a project I’ve been involved with since it’s inception in 2011. This will be the fourth Vending Machine that I’ve created art for and the show really is about making art accessible to as many people as possible.

On 16th and 17th July, for a token price you can have something from the Vending Machine and yes, it is a real vending machine. Each little artwork goes into a plastic bubble and if you’re lucky you might end up with one of my pieces. This year’s theme is ‘The sea has no boundaries, stories from travellers and dreamers’ which suits my current practice perfectly. I’ve created two disembodied limbs coated in words from across the seas. The Uncanny Traveller 1 & 2 are fragments of an uncomfortable dreamstate. Unbound, they travel in a disembodied state into Hamburg and into your pocket for a euro.

I’m not sure where the vending machine is setting up this year. Last time it was on the corner of Bahrenfelder Str. More on this exciting project and details on how you can be a part of it are here.



8 thoughts on “Hamburg Altonale 2016

    • The organisation runs on a shoestring budget and relies on donations and the small fee. This covers the transport fees to get the machine to Hamburg as well as manning the pitch for two days. I think the fee is good value in comparison to the fees charged by other projects. Especially since inclusion is guaranteed for all artists submitting.

      Once you’ve participated any future vending machine fees are waived, so the fee is essentially a one off. I paid once in 2011 and haven’t paid to be included since.

      It’s worth doing 🙂

      • Thanks for clarifying that, I didn’t see anything about the fee being waived in their literature. Oriel Wrecsam is doing a similar vending machine project. They invite artists to submit a proposal and pay £50 per work accepted.

      • They’ll only tell you that in the literature they send to you personally when they invite you back next time.

        The Oriel Wrecsam thing sounds like a complete rip off in comparison. Actually, it just sounds like a complete rip off anyway.

      • Interesting. So you make the work and enter the lottery into whether you get paid £50 for it or not. I wonder what the odds are. I’ll look into this one 🙂

      • No, you put forward a brief proposal, not an actual piece of work in the first instance and if they accept your proposal they commission it from you and pay you £50. You can put more than one proposal forward and you get £50 for each proposal they accept, so it’s curated and paid.

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