Love the Words

It’s always a great experience watching people grow. Today at Dylan Thomas Centre participants from Traumatic Brain Injury Service were continuing to tell us their stories through photographs. Every injury is different just as every person is different. The ability to cope, grieve, adapt, improve, and live on after injury is very much a personal journey which cannot always be explained using words. Instead we encourage participants to evolve their thinking through imagery in order to give a base to build the words upon.

Next week we’ll be looking at getting a few words down to complement the photographs that participants produce. Narrowing down thoughts into concrete sentences to accompany work is a struggle all artists encounter. In this situation it is something that needs to be considered carefully in order to help the audience, as well as the photographer, understand the stories that are being told.

Pictures created today are part of a ten week project encouraging participants to discover more about themselves through photography and positive psychology. It is run in conjunction with the Traumatic Brain Injury Service and Dylan Thomas Centre. You can see photographs from previous weeks by clicking here.








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