The Threat of Language

I’ve started something new for my Automata series. I’m looking here at ways to bring life to the inanimate through creating mixed-media automatons. I’m using old dolls, wood, and old books to create my little machines.

The paper I’m using is always in a language foreign to me. I want my machines to speak different things to different people. Everything I’m doing is designed to question the idea of comfort zones. If you walk the street hearing an unfamiliar language are you comforted to know that our culture is diverse and being enriched by others, or do you feel threatened?

Language can be a means of communication or a means of division depending on your politics. Fear of the unknown is something we all struggle with. What do you see here? What is the message being spoken? Is it a communique from somebody who wishes to harm you or is it just the preface to Wagner’s Das Rheingold?

Don’t give in to the fear of the unknown. Embrace it, question it, learn about it, understand it, communicate…



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