A FaB Intervention

Today I was in Bath for A FaB Intervention. This is the second year I’ve curated this event with fellow Swansea artist Tim Kelly. Here we put together artists and performers from across the UK on the main shopping streets of Bath. Our main aim was to bring the strange and the unusual to intervene in the regular tourist traffic and Saturday consumers.

We had gongs, shamen, cats, foxes, painters, yoga balls, sticks, sketchers, story tellers, poets, and some half naked guy in a face restraint trying to drag a gallon of water around town.

Thanks to everyone who performed today and supported the event. We couldn’t have done it without you. A FaB Intervention was part of a two week programme for Fringe Arts Bath. I’ll post more details and pictures tomorrow when I’m not so tired and can think straight. Coherent thought is escaping me fast! Meanwhile here’s a fox and a cat dancing…



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