Yesterday in Bath

I’ve spent most of the day looking through photographs taken by Ben Honebone and myself from yesterday’s event in Bath. A FaB Intervention took so many artists onto the streets that we think we missed a few acts in trying to record it all. I know many other people have taken photographs and the situation is very fluid at the moment as everybody recovers from the day and sorts through what they have.

We’ve been keeping in touch with everyone through our Facebook group. Here in South Wales we are very inclusive with our events. We cross over between arts groups and pitch in together as and when we need to. Other cities have a different ethos and groups are less likely to merge and blend at will. By taking South Wales artists to Bath we’ve made so many new connections and new friends we have facilitated opportunities for the South Wales ethos to permeate across the country. This year’s A FaB Intervention brought together artists from Oxford, London, Bath, and South Wales. There were no egos or divas here. Just great artists and performers practicing their craft on the streets of Bath.

It’s no mean feat putting this together. Months of discussion and emails go in to making sure that everyone is happy and knows how to make the best of their afternoon in this unique world heritage town. As curators of events like these we put a lot of faith in other people being able to deliver on their promises. Once we reach the day itself the only thing we can do is hope that these fantastic people will turn up and do their stuff and yesterday we weren’t disappointed.

A FaB Intervention was part of Fringe Arts Bath which runs until 12 June in more than 20 locations across Bath. Check out the website for times, locations, events, exhibitions and more of the unusual and unexpected. Thanks again to everyone who took part yesterday. Thank you to Ben Honebone for the photographs. Thanks to Tim Kelly for co-curating. Thanks to Aya and Sam for managing the Oxford performers. Thanks to Scarlett and Arran at Fringe Arts Bath. Finally thanks to the people of Bath for allowing us to indulge in our own particular brand of lunacy. Same again next year?


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