Bring the Words

Today has been all about editing and looking at ways to enhance a collection of photographs using words. All artists put together a statement to show intent and to better explain the stories behind their work. Some artwork needs no explaining but if you’ve experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury then maybe the reasoning is less than obvious, even to a trained eye.

Discussion about what to put in an artist statement is not something that can be opened up to a larger group. Tutorials and guidance are needed to help make sense of it all and structure things in a way can communicate intent in the best possible way. This can be tricky business if your words don’t flow in quite the same way as they used to. Luckily, through using the camera we can look at images that ‘feel right’ and consider how they are composed in order to give a better perspective on how deeper issues can be explained.

Pictures created today are part of a ten week project encouraging participants to discover more about themselves through photography and positive psychology. It is run in conjunction with the Traumatic Brain Injury Service and Dylan Thomas Centre. You can see photographs from previous weeks by clicking here.


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