The Calmness Buffer

I try to do a solo show every year because it keeps me on my toes. The thought of filling a gallery space on your own can be quite daunting but it is also a challenge that nobody should ever shy away from. Putting it all together isn’t that hard. If you can put together a coherent exhibit as part of a group show then it’s only a case of multiplying that up a little in terms of logistics and artwork. I’ve had a fair bit of experience curating and hanging other shows too through the years so it’s not too much effort, really.

Yeah. That’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m always a little nervous before a show. Normally I’ll have a complete collection finished months in advance and have a clear idea where everything needs to be and what boxes I need to tick to get the show on the road. I have a new solo show, Methodology, opening at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir next week and I don’t feel I’m ready yet. I’m working in a much tighter timeframe and with less notice for preparation so I’m completely out of my comfort zone. This new show will be a medley of work from the last 8 years showing my methods and practice. It encompasses virtually every collection that I have in storage and in my studio and the way I’m presenting it all will be a bit different to normal. I have still to sort labels and wrap things ready for transportation next week. This is last minute for me and I don’t like it at all. Normally I’d be relaxed and sorted by now with a few days in hand to think about any extras but I just can’t think that way with this show.

It will all be perfect. I won’t miss anything out, I never do, but I still feel like my usual calmness buffer that I create before a show is missing. Other artists will laugh at me because it’s not like I’m making artwork last minute for inclusion in the show. Everything is framed and strung and plated. 3D work is set aside ready for boxing. I’ve done my catalogue. It’s not really last minute at all in the great scheme of things. I just need to remember to breathe… A little gluing of something new should help. Just a few minutes meditating with a hacksaw should do it.



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