I’ve been sharing a lot of information about my own exhibition coming up at the weekend but today I’d like others to take the spotlight. For the last 9 weeks I’ve been working with the Traumatic Brain Injury Service and Dylan Thomas Centre to give others the chance to shine. Below are some of the images that have been selected for exhibition by participants themselves. The exhibition will give those participants who have completed the course the chance to tell their story through photographs. The show opens on 18th July at Swansea Grand Theatre and gives a real insight into how a traumatic brain injury can alter someone’s life and how the journey continues on beyond the injury.

It has been wonderful to see people shine as their technical skills have grown during the course. Already participants are discussing how they might use the camera further to aid in the way they look at the world. It has been a real pleasure and an honour to work with such wonderful people and the photographs they have produced in order to assist with telling the story of their journey are of the highest standard.

This is a ten week project encouraging participants to discover more about themselves through photography and positive psychology. It is run in conjunction with the Traumatic Brain Injury Service and Dylan Thomas Centre. You can see photographs from previous weeks by clicking here.


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