Art vs Queen

I’ve been off up the valleys again today to Workers Gallery for the opening of my show Methodology.  It was really good to see friends who travelled over the mountains from Swansea as well as new audiences for my art.

It’s a tricky weekend to be having an art opening thanks to the street parties for the Queen’s birthday as well as there being a whole heap of sporting fixtures. It tends to keep numbers low because so many people are busy. In a way though this made the opening more intimate and interesting because the people who showed up really wanted to have a chat about what I do with my art and how my methods differ from what is seen as the norm.

Talking to people about my art is a vital way of organising things in my head and making sure I’m communicating my ideas in a coherent way. Often as artists we spend long periods of time wrapped up in our own little worlds with our own ideas and concepts. These might be crystal clear to me but clear as dirt to the rest of the world. It’s important then to get the art out there and talk through my thoughts and feelings on what I’m creating. It also serves as a way to talk through potential directions for current work and I have a whole heap of new things I want to try with my Automata because of discussions I’ve had today.

Thanks to Gayle and Chris for all their hard work in supporting my show at the Workers. The exhibition runs until 9th July. Open Thurs-Sun 10-5pm.
Workers Gallery, 99 Ynyshir Road, Ynyshir, CF39 0EN RCT South Wales UK



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