The Start of the End

Every period in life comes to an end and morphs into something new. I’ve been working flat out during the last 8 weeks to try and fit in exhibitions and workshops along with other commitments. It’s been a long slog and I’m starting to see the end.

I still need to write up about Divided by the Meltwater which opened last night in Swansea. I’m sure there’s another show elsewhere opening soon which I’ve forgotten to write about… New York or Hamburg or Belgrade… I forget which. I’d have to check my CV section here to remind me.

There’s also my ongoing show at Workers Gallery in Ynyshir which I really should upload more photographs for.

I’ll get right on it tomorrow. Promise. I’ll also get onto making some new art for my Automata series.

They say pictures speak louder than words. Of course if someone has put words in that picture it makes my life so much easier. I’ll share more about this tomorrow… just not now… I’m tired…



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