The Whymme Sculpture Park

A couple of my tiny mixed media sculptures have been travelling to a new destination. They’ve been delivered as a gift to the people of Whymme, a model town situated on the edge of an unusual reality.

Currently Whymme is situated in the heart of Swansea but its location varies. It’s sometimes best to consult with the mayor Derek Mars to find where the town finds itself from week to week. Its model citizens find themselves considering the usual daily stuff that every town experiences as well as some of the more unusual.*

Recently the residents of Whymme decided the town needed a sculpture park. Derek Mars spoke first to local farmer Ted Dutton to secure the land, before putting out the call to artists from South Wales and Devon who submitted their designs for approval. I was very lucky that I held a few vintage sculptures in my private collection which I could donate to the town. The first is by little known German master Partitur Bleistift (1854), and the second, a lovely 1839 piece by Parisien artist Elle Moquait entitled «Le son d’une main frappant avec son ami».

The townsfolk of Whymme held a celebration on Friday in honour of their new sculpture park. Coincidentally this was also the day of the Divided By the Meltwater exhibition which opened in Swansea College of Art on Friday. This exhibition too celebrates artistic collaborations between artists from South Wales and Devon and is open daily 11-4 Monday to Saturday until 30th June. Thanks to an unusual temporal distortion, by visiting the Divided by the Meltwater show you will also get to visit the Whymme sculpture park.

There’s a whole heap more stuff in the Divided by the Meltwater show which I’ll share in the next few days. Meanwhile, don’t delay, plan your trip across to Whymme today!**


*They have a Designated Nudist Area
**Or tomorrow at least from 11am


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