More from the Meltwater

Here in South Wales, when we Google for goods and services we often get told that our nearest retailer is conveniently situated 30 miles away… across the water in Devon. There is no ferry service to connect us and unless you have a friend with a boat or a plane there’s no direct route. We can see their lighthouse at night and car headlights heading up over their hills but to get closer we would need to drive more than 3 hours.

Despite the geographical challenges we have connected. The digital age means we are no longer restricted in the way we travel. One click and we’re able to send ideas, pictures, and concepts across to each other. We can post inks and raw materials to each other. We can create and collaborate as friends and peers. We are connected as artists across the watery divide and we are currently celebrating all that we have achieved as such. Google might still get it wrong when we’re hunting for local car dealerships but we’ve got it bang on when it comes to connecting the South Wales to North Devon.

The Divided by the Meltwater exhibition is currently on Monday to Saturday 11-4pm until 30th June. It’s across two floors of the Swansea College of Art and features more than 20 artists…. including me!



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