Holding it all in

The concepts behind my Automata series is to bring life to the inanimate and to consider different uses and meanings behind what is expected. It’s a way to consider the uncanny and also to provoke uncomfortable reactions out of viewers of my work.

This latest piece considers the corset. I’ve used stitching to clinch the waist in and hold the body segments together. Hands tug at the threads to tighten the waist. Isn’t that what a corset is all about? Ok so perhaps threads going through the body isn’t quite the usual thing. It certainly looks uncomfortable.

I’ll be creating a video of this artwork soon and putting it onto my YouTube page. You can see videos of previous pieces from the Automata series by clicking here. Alternatively, if you want to turn the handles for yourself and see the detail for real then get over to the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir and see my Methodology show which runs until July 9th (open Thurs-Sat 10-4)


2 thoughts on “Holding it all in

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