New Avenues

The next piece of work is always the most exciting. Ask me what my best work is and I’ll tell you it’s the piece I’m yet to make. Ideas usually form whilst I’m finishing off a previous artwork and I’m always keen to move on and try out new stuff.

Experimentation is what it’s all about for me. I can’t go wrong and I can’t fail; not because failure isn’t an option, but because if it doesn’t work I’ve just found an interesting avenue of exploration which came to a dead-end. Being brave enough to explore these little cul-de-sacs means it’s more gratifying in the long run because I’m gaining a deeper understanding how things work, as well as how they don’t work.

Corset, the piece I launched yesterday, is a dead-end for me. I didn’t feel connected to it quite as much as some of my other pieces. I think it was the lack of head and the absence of proper limbs which meant I couldn’t identify with it properly. It felt less human. I felt alienated from it. Since a sense of unease what I’m exploring with my Automata series it’s good that I was putting myself out of my comfort zone. But the cuts weren’t as precise as I would like and I just didn’t really ‘get with it’ in the same way as some of my other works.

If the experiment with Corset was to get rid of limbs then this new piece is experimenting with the other extreme. As a consequence of this I’m going all out with limbs all over the place. I have an idea for a little rotating, arm wielding, whirligig of a piece which should be fun. There’s a lot to do, particularly with the hair. I’m watching glue dry at the moment eager to get moving.

This is exciting!


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