On the Water

I’m invigilating the Divided by the Meltwater exhibition today here Swansea Art School. We’ve had loads of visitors, mostly asking whether this is a BA or MA show. They get very confused when I tell them it is neither. I explain carefully that the university likes to work in collaboration with outside organisations. I explain that this show is full of Swansea people (some of which attended the university) as well as people from Devon, Bath, and beyond.

I explain that on the Meltwater it doesn’t matter if an artist has no academic standing, they are welcome to be here. The quality of what is produced is far more important than any kind of rigorous philosophical musing or number of qualifications an individual might have. I explain that politics and background are irrelevant and that it is the spirit of cooperation that is key. On the open seas there are no rules as to how people behave just as long as they behave with good intent. There is no common language other than that we make ourselves. We communicate through creativity. Our arms are wide open to exploration and possibility. Although we are Divided by the Meltwater we are united as to how we sail on it.

This exhibition has been extended until Monday July 4th. Swansea College of Art, UWTSD, Swansea SA1 3EU. Open 10-4pm.


‘Rubbish Walks’ by Melanie Ezra, Tim Kelly, Ben Honebone, Kostas Leimonas, and Vesa Makinen


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