Bringing Gower Home to WCADA

The weather held for the second Bringing Gower Home group out on Gower today. This time participants affiliated with WCADA took the plunge with a series of photography tasks designed to stretch how they see themselves.

Reynoldston is one of the highest parts of Gower so it was a perfect opportunity to explore the heritage and the landscapes of this unique part of the world. Wild Gower ponies with their foals greeted us as we stepped over the boggy ground steeped in cotton grass out by Arthur’s Stone.

It wasn’t all about the landscapes though. Back at base we explored St George’s Church and the village hall. Reynoldston villagers own shares in their own post office and are determined to  keep this vibrant community thriving. By running our Bringing Gower Home workshop here we’re helping invest in their village and spread the good word about this awesome little place.

WCADA have really raised the bar when it comes to community photography projects and the quality of photographs produced. I’ve worked with this organisation before and when they found out I was running another round of Bringing Gower Home they were at the front of the queue with new participants eager to see this part of the world for themselves and learn more about photography. Previous participants gained a massive boost in enthusiasm and self-esteem as well as an increase in wanting to learn about local history, nature, and photography. I’m really looking forward to our celebration event later this month to share the success of everybody who took part today. Here we’ll see how WCADA is helping people improve themselves further after their experience with Bringing Gower Home. 

Don’t take my word for it though. Have a look at the photographs below taken by today’s participants.

I am organising, delivering, and supporting this project in collaboration with Gower Landscape Partnership (GLP) which is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Natural Resources Wales, City and County of Swansea, and National Trust.


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