Grand Designs

While I make my artwork I take plenty of photographs of the work in progress. Some of these pictures go nowhere and are for my own reference and amusement. Others find their way into all sorts of unusual places. One such place is my storefront over at VIDA which is selling some of my photographs as clothing as part of their Voices range. You can see my current collection by clicking here.

I’ll be adding to the range regularly. I’ve just created this image based on an automaton I’m making as part of my Automata series. If you’d like to see this on a T-shirt let me know and I’ll add it to my shop.

I think it’s important to support you in supporting me. I need to pay my rent and you need to wear awesome quality designer gear* so I reckon regular readers to this blog deserve first dibs on any offers going. I’m thinking of giving discounts to regular visitors to this blog. These grand designs are not cheap and neither are they mass-produced. By wearing one of my designs you’ll be mighty stylish and adorned with something almost totally unique. You’ll also be buying into a literacy program to help support the producers on the other side of the globe who will be making these designs to order. You can read more about that program by clicking here.

So yeah, for July only, I’ll be occasionally putting discount codes at the bottom of these blog entries. Keep your eyes peeled for some truly unique offers coming this way soon…


*and I don’t mean that in the vernacular sense. I mean proper stuff by proper designers and artists from across the globe.


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