The Boring Bits

Sometimes being an artist isn’t glamorous. Actually, come to think of it, it’s never glamorous. It’s a slow long slog in search of the unobtainable. It’s about making do. It’s meeting other artists skip-diving for resources. It’s producing reports for ideas for grant funding only to be rejected. It’s creating beautiful things from next to nothing and spending several months getting it all together so that viewers can criticise or adore.

Being an artist is about fighting against continuous rejection and disappointment. It’s about finding out about an exhibition which is ‘open’ but advertised in such obscure places that you’d only know about it if you just drank with the right person here, or were best mates with this person there.

It’s about community and support in some areas but about nepotism and cliques in others… and it’s guaranteed that nobody will tell you which, who, or where.

But most of all, today it’s about glue and paper and trying to make an old piece of laminate flooring look like a great little shelf for presenting my art in a unique and interesting way. It’s a vain hope that a new form of presentation will encourage a viewer to buy whatever I put there. Today it’s about digging in deep and getting on with the boring bits and never, ever, giving up hope.


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