Mindful Melin

Melincryddan is squashed between Neath and Briton Ferry, which in turn is squashed between Swansea and Port Talbot. It’s often thought of as the kind of place you drive through on the way to somewhere and never stop. Today we were questioning why this is and what happens if you do stop in the Melin for a while and how that makes you feel.

Mindful Melin is an exciting new photography project working with the people of Melincryddan to see the place in a more mindful way. We’re stopping and thinking about the little things that make us smile and helping build in quiet pauses into this busy place. We’re finding new ways to be able to deal with the mundane and photograph things that make us stop and think about where we’re at, physically and mentally.

This week the group looked at things that made them smile as well as places that make them pause. By seeing ordinary things in extraordinary ways we are able to work out what makes a good photograph and what makes us tick.



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