Going… Going… Gone!

Today is absolutely and finally your last chance to see my Methodology show over at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. I’m not sure when I’ll be showing this as a collection again, if at all. Methodology has been the kind of show which I’ve felt needs to be a one off. I’m not thinking of repeating this show in its current form. I might adapt it and build on it but not for a good few years. Get back to me around 2020 and I’ll give you a more definitive idea on that one.

Some of the works in this show haven’t been shown for about 8 years. Others have had their first outing and will form part of a wider collection which I’ll be developing during the next 12 months. Some of my sketchbooks will go back into storage and won’t be seen again.

It’s been a well received show and I’m really pleased with the feedback from visitors. It’s been called ‘must see’, it’s been called ‘unique’. All I know is that it’s how my brain works and how I want to experiment through my art and share it with you. As one of the Workers’ resident artists I will continue to share new and interesting things on my personal wall space. I’m always thinking about how my art can be affordable and available to everyone and I pledge to always make sure there is a range of things for all budgets here at the Workers.

Closes at 5pm today so if you haven’t seen it all in its current glory then get over to the Workers Gallery, 99 Ynyshir Rd, Ynyshir, Rhondda.



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