Why Pokemon Go is good for the soul

Yes, Pokemon Go has consumed me. I walk in the real world but shoot to capture in the virtual world. The question is why? 

Pokemon Go is getting people to engage with the outdoors and it’s igniting a thirst for unusual photography. The idea of finding locations with purpose is a delicious mix of mindfulness and geocaching. I think that’s an amazing thing for all sorts of reasons.

I’ve always encouraged the notion of finding unusual places to take photographs and being more aware of what’s on your doorstep. The purpose of my photography workshops is to feel good about your local neighbourhood and find unusual things in the ordinary. Pokemon Go has the potential to do exactly that. 

Already I’ve rediscovered side streets and back alleys and fallen back in love with hidden trails I’d forgotten about. I’m really excited by the idea that millions of other people are getting the same pleasure. Yes, it is frustrating when the GPS drops signal but that just means a connection becomes even more established with the local environment instead. Suddenly you become more aware of where you’ve ended up and more inclined to investigate alternative pathways and routes through the real world back to the Pokemon realm. 

It’s helpful to keep in mind safety when stopping in odd places, but then if you’re walking around with your phone out who wouldn’t think of safety? I’m not about to lose my footing and fall down a well anytime soon. Instead I’m really excited about my next walk and where Pokemon Go will take me to next. I have a virtual egg in my virtual world which will take a real 2km walk to hatch. Could this be benefitting my health too? Maybe…


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