Perfect Rainy Days at Melincryddan

We’ve been out and about taking photographs in the rain with the Mindful Melin group near Neath today. We spent time looking at the landscape at Eagle’s Bush Valley and practising photographic skills before the real challenge was set. Everyone was asked to take only one photograph to represent the beauty of this area and how they felt they fitted into this space in a positive way. Taking one photograph rather than a hundred is quite hard as it is our natural tendency to hoard photographs and collect as many memories as possible of an experience. Most people would sum up a whole morning walking in the woods by editing a selection down to one photography later. Deciding on what is best whilst experiencing it is just unheard of amongst photographers. Surely you can’t get good results from such madness?

Mindful Melin isn’t just photography course, it’s a course designed to make people think more about their surroundings, live more in the moment, and be more positive about their experiences in life whilst living them. Being mindful is a practice which needs focus and direction. Focusing on a scene and deciding whether it is worthy enough of being that one photograph takes control and contemplation. Each participant found themselves repeatedly lining up their cameras for the shot  before deciding that what they were seeing didn’t have quite the content, composition, or mood to make the photograph they required.

The results speak for themselves. It doesn’t take 1000 pictures by a professional with a fancy lens to connect with what’s happening in life. We don’t live in glossy magazine land in a picture perfect world. This is the here and now and it’s up to us each as individuals to knuckle down and make the best of what we have around us. All it takes is the right level of focus and determination to own the moment and make this rainy Friday a space in which to harbour positive memories.


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