Opening tonight at Swansea Grand

Tonight sees the opening of a very special exhibition at Swansea Grand Theatre. Brain Injury: The Hidden Disability is showcasing photographs taken by the Traumatic Brain Injury Service from Swansea’s Morriston Hospital. The images you’ll see were part of a course I delivered at Dylan Thomas Centre earlier this year.

It’s phenomenal to think that people with no previous experience of photography have gained the skills and the confidence to express themselves. Over the course of ten weeks we developed friendships and told stories that no doubt will hold fast for years to come. It’s been quite emotional to see how everyone grew over the course and I’m really looking forward to seeing how participants have grown further since the course ended last month.

The journey we’re all on is a personal one and life changing events have a way of making you reassess how important life is and how we all have the potential to grow in new and unexpected ways. Brain Injury: The Hidden Disability will share photographs and philosophies which are an inspiration to all. The conceptual skills involved are easily on a par with photography students from A level or above and the photographs themselves are worth a look.

The exhibition opens tonight from 6:30pm and runs daily until 29th July.*

TBIS POSTER (1)Some support workers and lead facilitators have photographs in this show too, including me. So come along and see what we’ve achieved.


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