To Err is Human

It’s been slow going on the art-making front recently. I’ve been trying to sort out some issues with the next piece in my Automata series but have been hitting a brick wall at every turn. Sometimes it helps to have a distance from a piece before returning and having a rethink. Inspiration and a new direction can be explored and things can often be worked out and reworked into something new.

Every now and then though it helps to look again and say no. This is not working for me. This is just going from bad to worse and it’s time to cut my losses here and go again from scratch. This is one of those times.

I don’t mind sharing my disasters. I think more artists should share the things that drive them mad as well as sharing the results of what drives them to genius. The methods of how we create are not always smooth and easy. We are not multi-talented perfectionists who glide across our chosen canvas in life with ease. We are practising artists because the finished results in a gallery are gained through years of practice. Sometimes we get things right, other times we get things wrong. We are human just like you.

So here is a complete disaster. Everything about this has gone wrong to the point where I can’t even remember what is was I was trying to say any more. Somewhere in July this lost the elegance and dignity of the other pieces in this series and turned into a newspaper and hair lollipop.

0/10 Must try harder. Nuff said. Back to the drawing board.



One thought on “To Err is Human

  1. You’re right. It doesn’t have the finesse of your other pieces although I like the concept. i agree that we should show our disasters an our practice pieces as well so people realise how hard it is.d

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