After yesterday’s trials and tribulations I’ve been pushing ahead today with this new piece. I’m thinking it will be called Divided and this really has been a long time as a work in progress. I started this with a completely different doll around 8 weeks ago and have been trying different options ever since.

It’s not the way it looks that has been a problem but more about the way it revolves when the correct mechanisms are in place. In my head I’m still way behind with connecting together the mechanics and the aesthetics in my head.

Now I just have to wait for the glue to dry on this before moving on to the hair. I’m not wasting time though watching glue dry. Instead I have a second artwork in progress which needs a little drilling and filing here and there. Perhaps I’ll share that one with you on the weekend once I’ve made suitable progress. It’s all coming together nicely though and I’m concentrating on making positive steps towards making my art work for me in the best possible way.

Speaking of which, designs similar to the one below are available as clothing over at my VIDA store. I’m giving away lovely discounts at the moment. Use code VIDA-20 at the checkout to get $20 off my clothing range. Click HERE to see what’s on offer.



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