I completely forgot to blog during the last two days because I’ve been sketching like crazy for a new exhibition. Sketchorama opens in November at the New Bohemian Gallery in Brainerd, Minnesota. I have 60 pages to fill and one of the best pages will be turned into a poster by the curators for exhibition. The sketchbooks themselves will be on display too and are currently being completed by artists across the globe.

I always tell people I can’t draw and I maintain this to be the case. What I mean is that I can’t draw freehand. I’m hopeless at perspective and getting my brain and my eye to coordinate with each other is a nightmare for me. I’m much better at thinking things through in 3D and just implementing the idea immediately rather than drawing it out first.

I consider myself a fraud then when it comes to drawing. I have to trace a frame of reference from somewhere to get me started. This means either physically tracing a photograph or cheating in some other way. For years I’ve tried freehand but I just get so frustrated that it’s not worth my time. I keep getting told by other artists that I am capable and I shouldn’t put myself down with my drawing but nevertheless I feel that I’m so severely lacking in this area that I cannot even tell anyone that I can draw. I feel that in any kind of freehand drawing competition (if they exist) I’d be scored at around 2/10.

Don’t get fooled by the picture you see here and tell me this isn’t the case. For Sketchorama I’ve photographed some of my Automata machines and am tracing the photographs into my sketchbook using carbon copy paper. It’s painstaking business but it still requires a drawing skill way below average. I know that despite my lack of drawing skills I’m still creating something unique. None of these pictures would exist without my Automata machines. Making the original sculptures is where my skill lies* and photographing them is another**. I could just glue these photographs into the pages of my Sketchorama notebook and leave it at that but I wanted to take it further. Some pages are partly missing and layers of other drawings can be seen through from other pages. I’m using blue and red carbon paper to give distinct differences to the pages and create a unique narrative to the sketchbook.

I guess it’s my 10/10 inventiveness skills that are saving the day. They’ve got me out of many a tight spot in previous years and are now helping me get around my lack of drawing talent. That said, I’m really enjoying putting pencil to paper and printing my creations into my sketchbook in this way. I’ll share more of this sketchbook as it evolves in the coming months. Meanwhile, you can see the original Automata collection of machines by clicking HERE. More will be added to this collection soon (more on that tomorrow).


*Score 7/10 in my brain
**Score 9/10



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