Keeping it up by switching it off

August is a strange month. Communication channels become intermittent as people disappear to sunny places then reappear seemingly at random. This leaves me with little choice but to have a few days off myself. 

As a creative it’s always hard to stop working. Ideas form and develop in the most unexpected places and cannot just be switched off because I happen to be relaxing. In fact relaxing can often cause solutions to present themselves for existing problems, and ideas for new creations to swirl and form in my brain. It takes a lot of self control not to go back to it and tell myself that it’s OK to leave it all for now.

I’ve just worked out how to style the hair on my latest automaton and keep it positioned in the way I want it to sit. Glue, wood and paper in combination with her hair will form spiked pigtails. I can see it all now. But I won’t do it. I’ll make a mental note and move on with the day off thing. I can do that, I know I can… Just give me five minutes and I’ll do it. I promise.


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