The Cream Thief

I’ve been over to Worker Gallery in Ynyshir today to see Emma Bevan’s exhibition. I’ve been really excited about seeing this show. Although we’ve never met, I’m a fan of Emma’s work. She uses locally sourced Welsh wools and a combination of traditional and contemporary felting methods to create her artworks. Her pieces are immensely soothing and deliciously tactile.

There’s something  folky about her creations; something which takes me back to being very small in the 70s and watching Bagpuss on the TV. There’s a playful innocence that makes me feel tingly inside and an enviable level of craftmanship.

The Workers Gallery is full of all sorts of hidden treats like this from skilled artists based in Wales. It’s rich with talent and there’s always something different to fall in love with. So far only this little guy has made it home with me. I couldn’t resist. The Cream Thief had to be mine! Thank you Emma!

You can see more of Emma’s art over on her website


‘The Cream Thief’ by Emma Bevan


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