All good things come to he who waits apparently. I’m not sure about that. I’m more of the school of thought that if you want something to happen you have to be prepared to dig deep and get on with it rather than just wait for it to land in your lap. I mean, if there’s no sign of the bus arriving you start walking, right? If you continued to wait you could be there forever. The bus might not be on its way at all. The best thing that could happen if you wait is that you get lucky and for me luck is not something you wait around for.

This brings me round to Divided which is the latest in my Automata series. I started it at the end of June and its been one of those things that I’ve had to work hard at to get luck to work in my favour. It started as a different set of dolls with a different mechanism but it just wasn’t working. Aesthetically it became a disaster and mechanically I’ve learned so much about rotation and clearance between moving parts that I could write you an 8000 word dissertation on it without even pausing. Divided is one of those things that if I’d simply waited for it thing to happen I’d still be waiting.

My ethos has always been to experiment and improve, then repeat until I’ve got it right. Luck has nothing to do with it. Waiting has never been a possibility. Calculating measurements and getting it to work takes time and effort. Divided has split my brain apart and then rebuilt it one cog at a time. I’m nearly there. Just a few spindles to wax and a few extra pieces to glue in place and I’ll share it with you.

I’m hoping to put together a video of Divided by the end of the week. Meanwhile you can see the rest of my pieces from the Automata collection over on my YouTube page (click HERE) or see photographs from this series on my ArtFinder page (click HERE)




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