Photo Hunting

Since the start of Pokemon Go a month ago I’ve been collecting photographs of Pokestops. I know to half the world this means nothing but to us urban ramblers this game is a dream. Forget whatever beastie I’m supposed to be catching as part of the game, I’m more interested in seeing what’s there in the real world that I haven’t noticed before. Most of my community photography workshops are based around finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, so I’ve always considered myself to have a keen eye when it comes to seeing things a little differently in my local neighbourhood. But have I been caught out or what?

I’m seeing foundation stones on buildings I’ve never spotted before, alleyways and byways, gargoyles and gables. I’m exploring simple places that I’d normally walk by without noticing and seeing them in all sorts of new and wonderful ways. I find I’m so engrossed with what I’m seeing that I’m forgetting about Pokemon Go completely on my travels.

It’s like a vacation in that I’m somewhere new seeing parks I’ve never seen before and walking familar streets that feel completely alien. And then there’s the places that are not local. As a pretense for playing the game I’m travelling to other towns and seeing what they have to see at their Pokestops. But that’s another story…

Here’s a few photographs I’ve taken this week in my hunt for the strange and unusual. I’ve labelled them with the Pokestop location so if you want to see any of this for yourself you can join in my photo hunt.

Incidentally, if you really haven’t got a clue what I’m on about with this Pokemon Go stuff then become enlightened by clicking HERE.



2 thoughts on “Photo Hunting

  1. I’m not sure about the Poke craze, but I agree about your rediscovery of your town. My recent venture into a five hour photo flaneur in Narberth was very encouraging and I’m planning another in St Clears or Tenby. I endorse all the work you do with your workshops, assisting people to see and value their environment is wonderful. Keep it up.

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