Neath Family Fun Day

It’s been a busy day today over at the Neath Family Fun Day at Hengwrt Barn in Briton Ferry. Here families came in their hundreds to try out new things and have some fun. All the agencies which support families in Neath were there, and there was also a whole heap of new activities to see and do. These included a sports day, hand massages, and spotting which vegetable had sneakily made its way into the delicious chocolate brownies*.  The event was organised by Communities First Neath which has an excellent track record of helping people to improve themselves in every way possible.

We were there celebrating with the community and showing off the wonderful photographs that had been taken recently by participants as part of the Mindful Melin course at Melincryddan Advice Centre. These photographs were taken by people with little or no previous knowledge on photography in an aim to improve the way they see their local surroundings. I’ve always said they are good pictures but today really proved how successful participants had been. One member of the public said she really liked the photographs I’d taken. When I pointed out that they weren’t mine and that they belonged to participants from Melincryddan she was amazed!

We’re back in Neath on Wednesday at the YMCA for a new workshop aimed at helping young people improve their self-esteem. So far the people of Neath and Briton Ferry haven’t disappointed in their willingness to put themselves forward for a new challenge. Here’s the selection again of final photographs taken by the Mindful Melin group last month.  I can’t wait to see what next week will produce!


*Answer: courgette


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