That August Itch

I’m starting to feel the middle of August creep its way up into September. The new academic year always kicks off new challenges and opportunities. The slump where everyone is on holiday, or wants to be on holiday, will be over and I know I’ll be really busy again.

I have the itch to make my moves and prepare for what I know is coming. I’ll have workshops starting in Neath, Swansea, and out on Gower. There will be exhibition opportunities that I need to follow up on and I’ll be updating my Artfinder store to include more new stock. With one of my collages currently winging its way to Texas (USA) and a photograph safely delivered to Porthcawl (UK) I’m now left with the only thing left, to make more artwork!

I’m half way through my Sketchorama sketchbook in preparation for the Sketchorama exhibition this autumn at the New Bohemian Gallery in Brainerd, Minnesota. The book itself is a massive experiment detailing sketched imagery from my Automata series. These sketches will debut in Brainerd as a complete sketchbook but here’s a sneaky look at one of the pages. This is a big departure from my usual style but if you can’t experiment with a sketchbook where can you experiment? Our job as artists is to repeat and experiment further in order to improve. We should share our findings from our experiments and not wait until the final article is in a gallery. Vanity and deep conceptualism have their place but that place isn’t here. It isn’t now.

Now is the time to scratch that creative itch.



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