This weekend… Shop Art!

I’m determined that my art should be accessible for as many people as possible. I’m happy to ship it anywhere and everywhere to get it to galleries near you. I also want you to own whatever you like the look of.

I’ve had this button… … sat on the side of my website for a while now. It links directly to my ArtFinder store where you can get hold of the art that I’ve got stashed around my studio. It’s all for sale and this bank holiday weekend I’m chucking all sorts of discounts around so that you can celebrate the end of the summer holidays in style.

I’m offering free shipping to anywhere in the universe and a 10% discount off nearly everything in my store. This promotion only runs Saturday 27th August – Monday 29th August 2016 so you’d better be quick if you want to get something delicious at a discount.

So, go on, click on my SHOP ART button and see what this weekend could bag you. Nearly everything is a one of a kind so once it’s gone it really is gone!


‘Bee’s a Crowd’ [detail]


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