Alliances/Vendettas out today!

I’ve recently been involved in shooting a music video between the time I’ve spent art-making and delivering photography workshops. It’s always great to get involved with goldbringer and see how inventive they want to be with their videos.

They’re not so much music promotion videos as short art movies. The narrative and concept goes so far beyond the average music video. Goldbringer often get local artists involved and use local resources to create something worth watching again and again and again!

Goldbringer is the musical brainchild of Ben Honebone. I’ve worked closely with Ben on many projects over the years and it’s always interesting to see what his brain will come up with next. Sourcing the locations is always so much fun because almost nowhere is off limits and it’s no surprise to me that I found myself knee deep in the sea for this latest movie.

Alliances/Vendettas has been released today with an accompanying video for just the second half of the tune. This sounds odd but the length of the song (10.28) is not exactly your average radio edit. For the video Ben had to create a slightly remixed version to fit more appropriately with the film. The resulting video edit for Vendettas is a wonderful piece of art. Ben has inventively adapted the footage we found and created to bring something accessible, conceptual, downright clever and truly unique. It looks and sounds phenomenal. I just can’t get tired of hearing this!

Excuse me… I just have to go watch this again… CLICK HERE to see the video or head over to to find out more about the music.

You can hear Alliances/Vendettas over on Bandcamp: CLICK HERE or over at Soundcloud: HERECapture


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