“I get to own the things Melanie makes…”

Marketing and distribution is every artist’s worst nightmare. Most of us are not designed for finance and retail; we’re fit for licking paintbrushes and sticking our fingers together with superglue*. If we were economists and entrepreneurs then surely we’d have studied something different in college? As independent, freelancing, creative things trying to get our created things out there is tricky business.

The holy grail is always cracking the marketing. If local people know and like your art then that’s great but how do you get it out to the wider world? How can you get the affordable art out to the people who can afford it? Being seen at one gallery is great but then how can you make sure other galleries will want you? And how can you cover the cost of the logistics of getting it all out there?

This is something I’ve been struggling with for years and will probably always struggle with. Thankfully the internet is giving everyone opportunities to try and crack this problem although it can still be a minefield finding the right marketing platform to give the best opportunities in matching buyers with creators.

Luckily I’ve found a few ways to make the magic happen. I’ve sold more now through my Artfinder store in the last six months than I’ve ever achieved through galleries in a similar time period. As such I’ve extended my free shipping on all my artworks until the end of the month because it has been so popular. One of my little prints is mow winging its way to a lovely guy in London and I still would love you to own one of my artworks. You can see it all at my art shop by clicking on this handsome banner here…

I’m also looking into ways to give shipping discounts as well as regular discounts on my clothing lines and merchandising. I know how frustrating it can be when you’re shopping and you get as far as the checkout only to back out because the shipping is so much. I don’t control shipping costs but if I can find away to get someone else to pay for it then you can bet your bottom dollar that  I will. I’m looking into that this week and I’ll definitely keep you posted. Have a look at the bespoke cool stuff by clicking on this thing here…

So where does all of this leave me? I’m not making a fortune and I wouldn’t want to. It has always been my aim to simply cover my costs with the way that I live and share what I create as widely as possible. The storefronts give me a way to reach the world which I could never have hoped to achieve on my own and are helping me achieve my goal of being a self-sustaining artist. Working via the internet means I can manage my stores whilst in the most unlikely of locations and still dedicate time to being creative and helping others to be creative. So here I am, sat up a mountain, considering what to make next which will both stimulate my creative juices and also tickle your ability to say “I get to own the things that Melanie makes.”



*I do this far too often.


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