5 Years Later and We’re Hunting for Boar!

It’s been 5 years to the day since my first ever solo show opened at elysium gallery in Swansea. I’ve was thinking about this landmark today as I travelled to the Workers Gallery, Ynyshir to see Rose Davies’ first solo show Yr Helfa.

My friendship with Rose began around the time of my first solo show in 2011 and we’ve co-curated and exhibited in many exhibitions together since. Although our styles of work are very different our determination and professionalism is something that we have shared over the years. For Yr Helfa Rose challenged her comfort zone by abandoning the pursuit of drawing anatomy and people in favour of neolithic structures and landscapes. Our job as artists is to rigorously challenge our own comfort zones and it’s always great to discuss new tactics and directions with Rose.

She can tell you all about her show far better than I can. Head over to her blog by clicking HERE. She’s on the hunt clues about our ancestors, and possibly wild boar, through her art and it’s an inspiring show definitely worth the visit. Yr Helfa runs until 24th September.



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