Springs and Counterweights

After a week of thinking through the possibilities* I’m finally in a position to solve the problems I’m facing with my latest artwork.

The issues I’m having are a direct conflict between what I want and what is physically possible. All I want to happen is for the feet to hit the keys and make a joyful clicky sound. With stiff joints and a lack of substantial weight the doll’s legs just aren’t bouncing up and down as happily as they might. 

Up isn’t a problem but down is proving to be a nightmare. I’m trying to avoid counterweights in favour of springs to try and add some life into this piece. It’s all gone a bit Hooke’s Law and without knowing the coefficient of elasticity in this little spring it’s getting a bit frustrating.

Hopefully a little bit of tweaking is all it will take to finally get this finished.

*Whilst doing other things. I don’t just sit all day and ponder wistfully on stuff.


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