Me and Mr Blake

This weekend a very special exhibition took place. The Environment Trust held the Secret Art Sale Exhibition 2016 at the RACC, Atrium Hall, Richmond Upon Thames. I’m used to donating small works for charitable causes and am happy to create something small and special to help people out. The Environment Trust are working hard to improve the natural and built environment which is no mean feat in the constantly evolving landscape of Britain’s South East corner. London is often considered as a brutal urban environment compared with other areas of the country so I have a lot of respect for anyone who is doing their bit to make this place a better place to be.

The idea behind the Secret Art Sale is not just to raise money for the Environment Trust, but to also make good art affordable to everyone. Donations of artworks came in from Royal Academicians, art students, illustrators, architects, celebrities, jewellers, photographers, tattooists and even a Nobel Laureate! For just £35 you could buy a piece of art you like from any of these talented people. The caveat for the contributors was that we were not allowed to put our names on the front to make our work truly anonymous.

Of course particular artists have particular styles so it isn’t that hard to work out who’s who if you know your stuff. There were queues to get into the exhibition and also queues to buy the art. With more than 200 artworks it’s great to know that only a very tiny handful didn’t sell. I contributed two artworks to the sale and I’m really pleased that they sold. This has been my first ever exhibition showing my sketches so imagine my surprise when I found out I was on show next to renowned illustrator Quentin Blake! 

A full list of contributors to this very special auction is HERE. I’m really excited to think that the money raised will do such good for environmental causes. I’m also pleased to think that my little drawings are now owned by somebody who loves them.* This kind of positivity makes me want to keep drawing. I have some ideas for some larger works that I might have to start soon. I’m not sure where this creative journey leads but I like it!


*The drawings for the Secret Art Sale are based on some sketchbook work I did for the Sketchorama exhibition which will take place later this year at the New Bohemian Gallery, Brainerd MN, USA. More news on that soon!


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