Camera Confidence

Today we have been gaining confidence using cameras out in Morriston, Swansea. The course I Am Great is designed to take great people and make them feel even better than ever. Mindfulness is all about looking carefully at what you have and realising that even the most banal things can take a positive twist. Spending a few hours on a dreary September morning with a camera is a great way to see things in a new and interesting way.

The tasks I set the group are designed to challenge ideas on what is photogenic. This week we looked at how to hunt for photographs of unexpected things, we played pictionary using photographs, and we took photographs in the beautiful graveyard of Seion Newydd whilst trying to avoid the colour green. For some people this was their first time using a camera to express themselves so it’s awesome to see ideas and skills developing.

My photography workshops are not really photography workshops at all. They are about self-esteem and gaining confidence. We use digital cameras because the results are instantaneous and can give an instant feeling of self-worth and positive well-being. The tasks I give are designed to stretch the limits of the imagination and show people that life can be wonderful if you look at it in a positive way. My students become tourists in their own backyards in looking for new and interesting stuff. Sometimes the results are quirky, other times they raise serious points that need discussing. The photograph is always the by-product of the experience rather than the goal itself. The goal is always to see what you have that’s going for you and enhance it further using the camera. And boy, do this new group have loads going for them!

I am Great is a four week course so you can expect I’ll be sharing more great things from this class as the weeks progress.


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