This is This… and it has been a long time coming. Aesthetically I knew how to build it from the start but mechanically I’ve been struggling for ages to get it right. Friction in the joints along with a lack of weight in the legs has meant that turning the handle hasn’t always given me the results I wanted. What goes up doesn’t necessarily come down unless it’s pulled in the right way. It’s taken me ages to resolve these issues. When you’re making something new there is no manual, no troubleshooting, there’s just your imagination, logic, and the willingness to keep trying.

The centre leg has a weight at the bottom to pull it down onto the computer key. Meanwhile the outer legs are interconnected via a simple pulley so that as one goes up the other is pulled down.

Turning the handle makes everything click in a most satisfying way. Legs, counterweights, and pulleys all working to tap away at the keys. H, W, N spells hwn. ‘Hwn’ is Welsh for ‘This’. Hwn is this. This is This…

This… is the latest in my Automata series and might possibly be my last for a while. I’m thinking of making something much larger which may or may not be connected to this series. More news on those ideas soon. Meanwhile, I’m back to delivering photography workshops next week. Let the creativity flow!


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