Near and Far

A misty day for the I am Great photographers of Morriston so we looked at the landscape around us and how we could make the gloom more interesting. Nobody wants to photograph when it rains because we’re naturally drawn to bright and beautiful colours. Blue skies, flowers, and rainbows bring a fairytale quality that we can dream of but don’t always get but you don’t need these things to have a happy life. Living in a rainy part of the world means looking for the lovely in a day that you feel is ugly is a real challenge but it’s not something that we should ever let defeat us. The results were wonderfully gothic and ethereal; painting a timeless picture of this part of Wales.

Mission accomplished we looked at things a lot closer to home. Close-ups of familiar items can often look bizarre and unfamiliar when photographed out of context. Making stone look like biscuit and small clasps look like major metal artworks made guessing the objects really difficult. The devil is in the detail and our group did really well at considering the composition of their pictures to try to fool us all.

Finally, we took one picture which we felt would be better than our close-ups and landscapes. The challenge to take only one photograph is really difficult. Knowing what feels right and having only one chance to make it happen is something which stretches even the most advanced photographers. The important thing is always feelings. If we feel blurry then the photograph should be blurry. If we feel wonky then our photograph can be wonky. Most importantly, if we feel the picture is right for the mood we want to express then by default it must be a good picture. We are great because we feel great and not even a misty day in Morriston will bring the mood down.


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