Painting with Light

A day away from delivering photography workshops and my brain is full of possibilities and potential directions. A few days away from art making is great because I have a chance to pause and consider new stuff.

I’ve had an idea for a while to use a mannequin in some way in my art. Most people think I should turn one into a larger automaton in a similar vein to my smaller Automata series. But I’m not keen on just repeating the same concept on a larger scale. That doesn’t pique my interest at all. 

Instead I want to use a mannequin as a cast to form some paper work around. Kind of like the collage method I’ve used for the frames of my  Automata works. Body casts and formed paper clothing that can be pinned to a wall or be freestanding. 

As prep for this I’ve been projecting drawings onto large sheets of paper. These scaled up versions of my Sketchorama drawings will be destroyed in the name of collage. It always starts with a photograph for me. In this case it’s a projected photograph of a sketch created from a photograph of a machine. Simple? No, it never is with me. I need the layers of thinking to keep me interested. I need concepts within concepts. My brain collages its own thoughts into new forms. I’m not sure how many of these drawings I will need to create. I just know I have to get this creative itch out of my brain NOW!!


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