Is this a new body of work? I don’t know. I’m not sure what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. All I know is that I’m creating on instinct and I’m enjoying letting the ideas just flow out.

This cast is made from a ripped up drawing I made yesterday. The drawing itself is a bastardized version of a photograph I took of one of my Automata machines (Cradle). I guess in that respect the two areas of work are linked but I don’t think the drawing itself is that important. Or is it?

By dismembering dolls and bringing them new life in my Automata work  I’m now taking pictures of them and returning these pictures to the physical form. For me, tearing up work and making new work with it is a kind of circle of life thing. Organic remains providing new life for new beings; a reincarnation of a previous form. Artist Lee Krasner described it as a way of going back over yourself. The evolving self always adapting and improving to create a newer, better version.

My art was never alive but it goes to create new forms nevertheless. Maybe this is a new series rising up from the remains of the old. I have ideas for more casts and more new forms collaged from drawings of previous bodies of work. I’m making this stuff as fast as I am able because I know that my duties in delivering photography workshops will disrupt my personal creative flow. It’s important for me to get these fledgling ideas out and into physical form as quickly as possible to assess potential directions whilst I have the mental space to do so. Some sort of waistcoat chest burster will be next. Tomorrow…. more!!!



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