Language and Form

So today I’ve been creating the materials I need to make my next artwork. This new for will be based on a red ink sketch that I’ve been doing using Uni Posca markers. I’ve not used marker pens before for drawing except when I was a teacher. Then I’d write and draw stuff with these all the time. Somehow sketching with these is far more satisfying than writing instructional stuff on a white board.

Both these sketches will be destroyed in order to create the sculptural form that I have in mind. When I’m sketching I’m not stopping to think if it’s right or not because I know that the picture will be unrecognisable when it’s torn up. It’s important to me thought that the pen marks form their own style and language so that half-formed words feel familiar but not quite recognisable. These squiggles form the language of the art rather than any structure you can currently see within the picture. A bit of ripping and gluing will see these transform tomorrow.


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