Fact and Fantasy

Today we spent a little time in Morriston with the I am Great participants looking at self-portraits. The self is an ever evolving thing. Who you were when you were five is very different to who you were at 15, 25, or even 55. Selfies are ever popular but a self-portrait in its simplest form tells something about yourself. It says who you are or who you wish you could be. A selfie tells a story about your self. It communicates ideas about personality as well as sharing something personal.

We shared ideas on how to change the way you see yourself as well as how you can present yourself to others to communicate ideas effectively. The selfies here show mindfulness and empowerment. They show playfulness and wish-fulfilment. They show strength, direction, and determination. The I am Great participants are sharing with you exactly that part of themselves they choose to share. They are proving that a great selfie is truly owned and created by the photographer themselves.


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