Bringing Gower Home to the Environment Centre

I’m sat with some wonderful peoplefrom Swansea Carers Centre at Swansea Environment Centre. We’re looking at the photographs we took last month at Oxwich as part of Bringing Gower Home.

It’s always curious to see what people have gained from their experience. Full time carers don’t always have quality family time let alone quality time for themselves. It’s great to find out that our participants enjoyed their time on the Gower and most said that this special place gave them a chance to reflect and have ‘space to breathe’.

We all do it, forget to give ourselves space. When others depend on you it’s easy to fill the diary with commitments to them and forget to have some quality ‘me’ time. We chatted today about how important it is to remember to have fun. When we were children we were encouraged to have fun all the time, to be inventive, to be curious about our environments. Where did all that change?

The workshop at Oxwich gave everyone back that sense of fun. You can see the amazing photographs they took by following the link HERE. Thanks to all the participants; the talented and brave care-givers who work tirelessly to help others. We’re glad Bringing Gower Home gave you heroes the break you deserve.


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