Putting Communities First

We’ve been working over at Communities 1st in Morriston over the last 4 weeks giving people the confidence to better themselves. When you’ve had a little bit of bad luck it can knock your confidence, so Communities 1st helps people to get themselves back on their feet and look forward to a brighter, better future.

As part of their programme we deliver the I am Great camera workshop. Here people from all backgrounds try their hand at seeing the world differently. It doesn’t matter whether someone is artistic or not. It doesn’t matter if they have experience with photography. I am Great starts and finishes with the premise that you are great no matter what you’re going through.

The workshop develops people’s confidence and gives them the tools to see themselves in a more positive light. Previous participants have gone on to have successful job interviews, or have the confidence to try and get a qualification in something they’ve never done before. We put people first and see what they need to make a success of themselves, then we encourage them to go out and get that success. For some it’s a long slog which might take years. Others will find themselves moving onwards and upwards pretty quickly. The important thing is that everyone has the support they need and gains the confidence they need. Seeing the world in a positive light takes time. There is no quick fix to push people into jobs. Pulling yourself forward in a new and innovative way takes patience and support.

This week we gave the class a choice of focusing on what they’ve enjoyed about the I am Great course or the chance to express themselves with the camera in some other way. Honing the skills they have, and using the confidence they’ve gained is vital in this final week. We want our participants to feel that they can stand on their own two feet and go off into the world and put all their positivity into action in their own lives in their own neighbourhoods. Together we’re working in putting communities first.


2 thoughts on “Putting Communities First

  1. Thanks Roz. We have loads more workshops lined up so more people than ever will have a chance to do more workshops like these.

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